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International Motorcycle Shipping and Overseas Bike Transport

Do you want to opt for motorcycle export? Then the first thing you need to do is to prepare your vehicle for the purpose. You are expected to remove your personal articles as there are high chances of your things going missing, and even drain the fuel to a minimum level.

The next step is to deliver your bike to the warehouse of the overseas company, which you can choose from any online car auction site, or to the ocean port. You personally can deliver your bike if you are a resident of metropolis or live close to an ocean port. Or else several bike or car exporters are available for your aid. You should inform them about the exact destination and should look for a door to door service. Many exporters tend to avoid ports for overseas motorcycle export owing to long queues and overcrowding. Most of the overseas motorcycle transporting companies have link ups with auto shipping companies so you can ask them for providing you with pick up facilities.

Documents required:

You should have ready original papers of your motorcycle with you. The papers need to have the actual paper title issued by the Department of Motor Vehicle of the respective state. The paper should also be clear of any unpaid liens from banks or any financial institutions. The US customs have made it mandatory that papers should be cleared prior to export vehicle and departure of the vessels. Thus motorcycle shipping too needs to abide by the rules.

The international motorcycle shipping provides you with two options to transport your bike:

In Ocean Container

In ocean container shipping, your bike will be loaded most probably with other goods and vehicles. It is economical as it charges you only for the space your motorcycle takes and it is safe since your bike will be transported in a sealed container.

In Roll-on Roll-off vessel

In this service your bike will be driven into a special vessel at the port from where it will start off and it will be driven off again by another port worker at place of destination. Thus there is always a risk of losing certain accessories as the bike is not taken in a sealed container. Moreover ports will reject non-running bikes for this service. At the same time this service is restricted to certain ports and it may happen that your required port does not support the service.

The overseas motorcycle shipping company will send you back the original title as soon as the ship is off to the sea. They will also send you the bill of the transportation cost and will at once inform you the details of how you can salvage cars or your bikes. You are always recommended to get in touch with the particular international dealer before hand to gather the required information of arrival and arrange the paper work so that you can avoid unnecessary delay.

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