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In the year 1996, Mercedes Benz replaced its G Class with the first Mercedes Benz M Class rolling out of their U.S. International plant. This mid-size luxury crossover SUV has since been in production and in the year 2015 it was renamed GLE Class.

The Mercedes M Class gives a very smooth, magic carpet ride quality. Its air dampened suspensions help change the driving conditions with the touch of a button. You can either choose ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Comfort’ modes. Dynamic mode gives incredible control around sharp turns and corners. This mode works great on rough terrains. Comfort mode, on the other hand, softens every feel to give dream like ride quality.

This is one SUV that always focuses on comfort. The high ground clearance makes steering very accurate. You even have an option to further increase the ground clearance with the help of a button when faced with very rough terrains. Handling at high speed is amazing and safety features are perfect for a vehicle of this size.

The cabin offers five star comforts with leather upholstery and all powered controls. The central console is practical, user friendly and easy to navigate through. The overall finish of every corner of the cabin is very high quality. Large boot space and amazing leg, head and shoulder room makes this prefect for 5 people to travel in extreme comfort. The 234hp Turbocharge V6 engine gives smooth power to vehicle.

Mercedes Benz M Class is one vehicle that you can never go wrong on. If you have made the decision to buy a used Mercedes Benz M Class as your next family car, then check out This is an online car auction company that is well known for its service quality and great deals.


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