Used 2007 Mercedes Benz GL Class Cars for Sale | Export 2007 Mercedes Benz GL Class Car from USA

The 2007 Mercedes Benz GL Class is a large SUV with luxurious features, great interior space to seat up to 7 people and a high power engine to give great performance. The large SUV market is expanding really fast with many companies entering with their own models. The GL class is the big and bold entry from Mercedes Benz.

The GL Class is long like the Cadillac Escapade, but comes with narrower width and longer wheelbase. Another big advantage of the GL class is the extra room behind the rear seat. Unlike the other competitors who have a truck based body frame, the 2007 Mercedes Benz GL Class is built on carlike uni-body. Mercedes Benz also offers a more fuel efficient Diesel engine in the GL Class. In addition to the 335hp V8 engine that is in the GL450, the GL320CDI comes with V6 Turbodiesel engine. Although the diesel engine may take away some of the quickness but it offers great mileage.

The GL Class is an example of how the companies should do research to identify customer needs from the segment. The roomy cargo space, great off-roading capability and upscale accessories in the vehicle are what customers are looking for in a vehicle of this class. 7 speed automatic transmission, heated and powered front seats, adjustable air suspensions along with a whole package of airbags for complete security are some of the standard features of the 2007 Mercedes Benz GL Class.

Although the crossover compact SUVs are more in favor these days, but there are still many of us who feel passionate about the full size luxury SUVs. If you are in the market looking for such a vehicle then you must check out the GL Class. For a used 2007 Mercedes Benz GL Class, try, one of the most reputed and trustworthy online car auction companies that deals in used cars.

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