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Mandatory Rules That Has To Be Followed In Importing Cars From USA To Thailand

This article provides information about importing cars from the USA to Thailand. The mandatory thing that has to be followed by the car dealers is to obtain “Import permit” from the ministry of commerce. The importer should make sure about meeting the specific requirements mentioned in that permit before planning to import cars from the USA.

Who are eligible to obtain export cars from the USA?

Nonresidents of Thailand with non-immigration visas given by the immigration department and work permits issued by the ministry of labor to work for at least one year in Thailand are allowed to obtain the export cars from the USA.

Returning Thai residents who have worked, studied or lived in the USA are eligible to export cars from the US only when they have owned, possessed, and used the vehicle for at least one and a half year while living abroad. Thai residents who are married to foreigners should submit the relevant certificates indicating the change of residence to Thailand. Besides, the custom duty has to be paid to the customs department.

At the port of entry, car dealers should pay the import duty and taxes, and has to complete all the formalities to clear the vehicles through customs.

Documents mandatory for permanently importing new vehicles are:

  • An Import Declaration Form
  • Sale documents
  • A Bill of Air Waybill Lading
  • An Order of Delivery (Customs Form No. 100/1)
  • A Form 2, Foreign Transaction (in case CIF rate of the imported cars exceeds 500,000 Baht)
  • An insurance premium invoice

These are some of the requirements for importing the vehicles to Thailand.

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