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Permanent registration in Italy denotes that the vehicle has to pay all taxes and duties according to the rules and regulation, whereas temporary import allows the importer to skip the taxes for a certain period of time. Even tourists are allowed to bring vehicles with number plates registered outside Italy. But this is only for a limited time. In certain instances authorities extend the permit for another six months. But after that, the car must be exported. If it has to be in Italy, then permanent registration is must.

Vehicles which are manufactured from the United States and not registered there need a certificate of origin before it gets registered in Italy. If the imported vehicle is registered in United States, a number of documents will be needed to get it re registered in Italy. These documents include original and photocopy of registration card, original and photocopy of certificate of title, technical specifications form and customs form and certificate.

The general custom duty is almost 11% of the price of the vehicle and the VAT, which is also payable, is about 20 % of the vehicle's price.

Within two months from the registration in Italy, the vehicle must be recorded in the public motoring register. Apart from all these rules, the technical specifications do play an important role. As a car manufactured outside European Union is not likely to possess the feature of European cars, it is always advisable to see whether the imported car will fit to those criteria.

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