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Importing a car in Japan from the USA

Japan is one of the bigwigs in the international automobile market. The annual export from Japan to the international market is no less. Yet, import of cars into Japan from US is not at all difficult. There are a number of shipping options available. You can get all of them under one umbrella if you come to

Duty free imports are available for foreigners. But this import has to be temporary import and the car has to be sold after the temporary permit is over. Generally Japan government provides temporary import for at least two years.

A number of documents are required which include original passport, alien registration card, form C5360-2 or 5360, original registration, engine and chassis number, purchase receipt, proforma invoice and copy of drivers license. But these regulations apply only if you are a foreigner to Japan and want to take your car to Japan. In that case, you have to produce documents to prove that the car belonged to you in the foreign country and you are not supposed to sell the car in Japan.

If the case is not so, if you are buying a new car from US, you have to meet the customs. Japan is famous in the international auto market because of its low customs. If you are importing a US car to Japan, you have to shell out only 5% as tax.

Be it new or used or pre-owned by the importer in another country, all imported cars have to meet the emission regulations of Japan.

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