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How to get your US car from Qatar

Al Wakrah, Ar Rayyan, Doha, Dukhan, Umm Bab are the main cities and ports that will facilitate the process of importing a foreign car to Qatar. The number of US cars shipping annually to Qatar is increasing every year. So, the facility of shipping has also become plentiful and hassles free. So even if you are not aware of the shipping companies of US that will responsibly transport your new car to Qatar, you can put your trust on You will be offered an array of shipping options to choose from. Go through their service conditions meticulously before saying ‘yes’ to one.

While you are shipping your car, it actually counts a number of taxes that you have to pay. There is shipping charges apart from customs and taxes. Know the calculations from any of your nearby customs offices. There are a number of customs brokers too to come to your help. Also get well informed about the rules and regulations that the government of Qatar imposes on car import from outside.

About 5% of shipping charges has to be paid to ship to Qatar. If you are importing the car for your personal use, there are no custom charges for the import that you have to pay. But, the importer has to be a permanent resident of Qatar. If you are importing a used car, the car has to be three years old.

A number of documents are required. The buyer has to produce those at the time of receiving the car. The list includes the proof of ownership, registration certificate, invoice and insurance policy. The environment rules are also to be kept in mind.

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