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Guidelines for Importing Cars to Uzbekistan From USA

If you are planning to import cars to Uzbekistan from the USA, then you will need to register yourself as an importer, according to the import laws that were introduced in January 2010. You will have to abide by the strict import rules. First, you’ll have to arrange for the following documents, in order to submit them to customs department.

  • Passport copy
  • Shipping Documents with same shipper and consignee
  • Certificate of Policy
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Complete Vehicle Details
  • Vehicle Invoice
  • Power of attorney
  • Custom letters

Once you have all the documents in place, decide the port where you want to import cars from the USA. Importing cars could be an expensive task and therefore, before importing you should search for the best shipping companies for its freight. You will have to pay import duty to the government, custom duty to the customs department, and freight rate to the shipping company that you have selected.

In case of importing cars to Uzbekistan, you’ll have to pay the charge for taking the delivery of consignment, which varies depending upon the engine capacity of cars as follows:

For cars with engine capacity of less than 1000cc, the percentage amount payable is 20% plus US$ 1.8 per CC. For import cars from the USA of 1000CC to 1500CC, the payable amount is 30% plus US$ 2 per CC and for the ones with 1500CC to 3000CC, you will have to pay 30% plus US$ 2.5 per CC. However, it is very expensive to import cars having more than 3000CC, which is 40% plus US$ 3 per CC.

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