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Introduced in the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, the 2017 Toyota C-HR is Toyota’s latest entry into the crossover subcompact auto segment. Launched as a competition to the Nissan Juke, the Toyota C-HR has killer looks. Although it is a 4 door, low rise crossover, but that is more or less covered up by the styling of the vehicle. With falling roofline, bulging fenders, rising beltline and tapered greenhouse, the 2017 Toyota C-HR is a sight to behold on the road. The many creases, rise and fall of the body shape, catches many shadows making it an interesting car to look at.

Built on a flexible platform that was also used in Prius, the C-HR is shorter, narrower and lower than other CUVs but is still bigger than the Nissan Juke. Manufacturers also claim that the C-HR has significantly less body roll than any of the other CUVs. The Toyota C-HR is offering a 1.2L turbocharge 4 cylinder and a hybrid engine with a 1.8L 4 cylinder. A third engine that would be aimed for the American market is a 2.0L4 cylinder with an automatic transmission. The vehicle will come in standard front wheel drive with an optional all-wheel drive also available.

Originally planned to be sold off as Scion, the 2017 Toyota C-HR has very youthful looks. The interiors of the vehicle are extremely funky with an 8 inch touchscreen and improved redesign features. With the interiors done up in Nappa leather in deep colors like black, grey and blue, the cabin gives a very classy look and feel. If a CUV is what you feel is best suited for your needs then the 2017 Toyota C-HR is definitely worth a look. You can try, an online car auction company for used cars that gives buyers from Ghana and rest of the world, access to some of the best used cars. Just go online and start bidding. You can actually pick up your dream car in a very affordable price here.

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