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The custom duty in Georgia is much lesser. Moreover the Georgia government provides duty free import for one year which is known as temporary import. This explains why motor importers of Armenia import foreign vehicles up to Georgia and take from there on road.

The temporary import license issued by the Georgia government is exempt from import duties (12% from the valued invoice CIF). But the importers have to provide a bank guarantee for the amount of VAT (18% from the values invoice CIF) for the period of the temporary import. It has to be remembered that in Georgia all import duties are calculated on cost, insurance and freight value known as CIF.

Importers often extend the temporary import license of one year by another year, as that is the maximum time limit of a temporary one. At the end of two years often they sold out these cars. As a result, the entire transaction is exempted from the burden of high payment of customs. Rather, if you export the car the money that you paid will be refunded. Permanent import applies all the taxes and the duties according to the tariff. For this temporary impost the consignee’s organization has to get permission from the Customs department of Georgia. It may take several weeks.

Documents required for the import include, bill of lading which is the legal and valid contract of the transaction, certificate of title, invoice, vehicle’s complete technical documentation and the power of attorney. Technical documentation include manufacturer, year of manufacture, model, engine volume, engine number, color, chassis number.

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