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Importing a car from US to any country of Europe, say France is not at all a tedious task. There are a number of agencies in both the places to make the shipping smooth and the formalities easier. The exporters on the part of US make sure that your new bought car has got registration. On the other hand the importer of France will ensure that the car is imported without violating any law or regulations of France.

Importing from US will impose both duty and VAT on the car. Taken together the amount will be about 30% of the car’s assessed value upon import. After you make the payment you will get a customer clearance certificate. The customs centre of in France will ask you to produce four documents namely personal identification, residence proof, car’s registration document, that will be arranged by the exporter of US and a copy of the bill. In this process, you have to fill up a number of forms too.

The formalities depend on a various number of issues. Though the formalities remain the same no matter where you are importing the car from, yet there are some specifications needed to be mentioned to ensure that the import will not cause any problem. Since the car is manufactured in US, not in any country of the European Union, it is very likely that the make of the car will not be suitable with the traffic rules of France. But there are international companies which do manufacture cars keeping in mind all the specifications of particular countries. Before you import, you have to specify these technical issues.

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