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Few Things About Car shipping from USA

Few peculiar things need to be taken care of in the process of car shipping from USA, if you desire to receive your dream car on guaranteed dates. Pick-up and the delivery terms are just estimates and not guaranteed dates. Lots of unforeseen problems may turn up on the roads that include traffic jams, mechanical breakdowns and unfavorable weather conditions that delay the delivery.

Curiously enough, major cause for delays rests upon customers themselves. If you delay in arriving to the drop-off or the pick-up locations on time, make some changes in the last minute and so on, the delivery gets delayed. Much depends on the punctuality and reliability that you too maintain. The better you perform your part, the sooner you may get your car.

Receive the inspection report describing your car’s condition spelling out all existing cracks, scratches and so on before pick-up by the shipping company. You would need this report for checking its condition upon delivery of your vehicle.

Make sure that you reach on time at drop-off spot. Soon after you receive the car by the moving company, make a slow and thorough inspection while inspecting against the report that you were given previously. If you find any discrepancies between its actual condition and the report, note them and also make sure that you receive the signature of the truck driver on the papers.

Door-to-door car shipping from USA doesn’t necessarily imply that the truck would stop right in front of your doors. The truck driver would get your vehicle to the delivery or pick-up point, as close as possible according to terms of safety and law.

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