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Exporting Cars from the USA to South Africa is Simple and Trouble free

Importing cars in South Africa is cheaper than other countries. You can get a full duty rebate if the car has been owned by you for more than 12 months. There are a set of rules on the imported car in South Africa.You cannot offer, advertise, lend, hire, lease, pledge, give away, exchange or sell the imported car for a period of 20 months.

During this period of 20 months from the date of clearance you cannot be absent from the country for a period of more than 3 months, as the car is declared for your personal use.

You can also import cars in South Africa without an import permit, if you are importing car as a temporary import. You just need to pay the custom duty applicable on the car. This custom duty and tax is refundable at the time of departure.

The South African government follows the following depreciation rule, while evaluating the value of a car:
1-6 months 12.5%
 6-12 months 25%
 1-2 years 35%
 2-3 years 50%
 3-4 years 60%

You can produce the invoice at the time of evaluation, as an evidence of the purchase price. On importing car to South Africa, you need to pay 32% import custom duty plus the “luxury duty” and VAT.

The export duty you need to pay in the USA will be 10% of the present price of your car plus VAT. You can export cars from the USA to South Africa through shipment. You will have to book a container, which will ship your car to South Africa.

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