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Different Ways of Transporting Export Cars from the USA

The demand for used American cars is growing more than ever in some of the African countries like Nigeria. If you are interested in shipping or export cars from the USA to Nigeria, you will need to first consult reliable used car export companies, and check for the best solutions that are being offered by them.

Normally international shipping of used cars is handled in three ways:

  1. RORO or open transport on special carriers to the dockyard
  2. Shipping with enclosed containers
  3. Air transportation facilities

RORO stands for Role-On Role-Off vehicle transportation facilities meant for international shipping. In this type, the cars are transported to the dockyards through special carriers and then they are transferred to the ships. However, this type of transportation is not the most preferred one for vehicles, especially if they are expensive.

Shipping in closed containers is more popular due to the security features that it provides. The chances of damages are very minimal in this type of transportation. Additionally, no one will be able to gain unauthorized access to your vehicles while they are being shipped. Therefore, this method is ideal for shipping luxury cars overseas. You will not have to worry about the safety of your precious cars until the ships reach your destination country.

Although being on the expensive side, the fastest means of transporting vehicles across the countries would be through air. This type of international vehicle shipping is usually preferred for transporting high-end vehicles or vintage cars.

Depending upon the type of cargo that you wish to ship, you will need to consult with used car export companies and understand the best options for shipping export cars from the USA.

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