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Custom duty on car import to Latvia from the US

Most of us are usually ignorant of the shipping details while importing a car to Latvia from the USA. Being ignorant can often turn out to be difficult as well as expensive. Hence before proceeding with the import, we need to know a bit of details and also need to take certain things into consideration so that the whole process becomes both reasonable and hassle – free. The vital things that are needed to be looked into carefully are duty rates, custom regulations and all the necessary documents that are required to import the car to Latvia from the USA.

To import a car to Latvia, the custom has put down certain regulations. If the car being imported is under 7 years is subject to 10 percent duty and 18 percent VAT. On the other hand, if the car is more than 7 years old has to pay at least 18 percent VAT. For importing a car on a temporary basis, a 2 percent deposit has to be made to the Riga customs along with an application mentioning that the import is for a limited period of time. However, the maximum time period for temporary import is 1 year.

The diplomatic cars that are to be imported to Latvia need a direct registration through Foreign Ministry and all the regulations as well as procedures are known to the respective Embassies. The customs department of Latvia has its own book of car values which they are supposed to use as minimum if the declared value of the car drops below the value mentioned in the customs book.

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