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Condition To Export Cars From USA to Serbia

If you would like to export used cars from the USA to Serbia, then you will have to follow the certain rules and regulations meant for exporting goods internationally. First, you’ll need to provide all the necessary documents, which will ascertain the ownership of the car to the concerned custom authorities with two attested copies.

If you want to export cars overseas, then you’ll have to submit the documents of ownership three days prior to shipment date. For transporting via a plane or a ship, you must present the certificate of ownership and the cars to the custom authorities before 72 hours from exportation. The documents that you present will be inspected for authenticity by the United States customs authorities.

The ownership document includes original title certificate or certified copies of original certificates, other documents does not account for a valid proof.

In order to export cars to Serbia, the condition of the car must be in accordance with Serbiaian Law and it must pass the technical inspection to meet the EURO 3 standards. The documents provided by manufacturer must state that the car complies to the EURO 3 standards, as not all car manufacturers in the USA meet the required measures.

After receiving the car in Serbia, importer must register it within 30 days of custom clearance. The following are the documents needed for registration:

  • Custom Clearance Proof
  • Ownership Proof and foreign registration proof
  • Serbia visa
  • Work permit
  • Residence Proof
  • Technical examination result

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