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A very relevant question in the recent times is “who is the best manufacturer and seller of cars?” There are varied opinions on this touchy subject with a real face off between the Americans versus imports. People all over the world have their different set of opinions with certain sect being the die hard fans of a particular group of auto makers. Now the question is “are they right on their decisions?” there are several things that need to be known before a decision is being made – which company sells the maximum cars, which model costs the least expenses on repairing, and historically which company has produced the sturdiest cars ever?

The Americans believe that their toughest competitors are Japanese car makers. The Japanese car sales have captured the market and have even made big money in terms of dollars. The South Korean company Hyundai has also shown strong growth currently cutting an edge for itself.

Interestingly, most Americans are unaware of the fact that last year General Motors Corp was the labelled the top selling automaker of a foreign origin in China. It even outdid Germany’s Volkswagen AG with a tremendous growth rate of 35.2 % to 665390 numbers of vehicles in the 2006 economic year.

Americans are often misled by the media and they doubt their own capabilities as the automakers. They do not realize how powerful their products are in the market and also much superior to the import cars. Though the foreign imports boats of bringing a lot of benefits to the American market, still they have not yet managed to reach the position of the companies like Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. It should be known that the United States never form the platform for core engineering of the import companies. The foreigners never design and develop the electronic architectures like the USA automakers, nor do they design the powertrains, suspensions or chassis here.

On the contrary, the earlier mentioned American companies are hiring and recruiting people across US and buying the high-tech computers of the American origin. They also employ Americans to program these machines.

These three big American companies also compute the fluid dynamics before they reach the wind tunnels. They contribute heavily to the country’s economy with their share of employees which is huge in comparison to the import car makers. Some of the Japanese automakers are even envious of US car designs like that of the Chrysler. An import company VW also witnessed a huge drop in its sale during the 1990’s. To regain its lost position it even announced the introduction of 12 new car models by 2009 in China at a cheaper rate and with much improved service.

Even the luxury passenger van Buick GL8 enjoyed huge sale growth with its recent models Cadillac and Chevrolet. GM, largest automaker of the world, also saw a rise from 9.4% to 11.2%. Though it is completely a personal matter whether you want to buy an imported car or a native one, it needs to be remembered that America has provided jobs to thousands of its people and have also built the world’s most affordable and long lasting automobiles.

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