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Auto insurance auction - what you need to know

If you are familiar about used cars market in USA, you must have definitely heard about something known as salvage auctions. It is a popular second hand auto market that deals with damaged automobiles. Buyers in such market usually fall under categories like dismantlers, car rebuilders, auction dealers, exporters, scrappers etc. Salvage auctions are usually conducted by auto insurance firms. Every year thousands of salvage cars are bought and sold in US through auto insurance auction sales.

Auto insurance firms of US often export cars to countries like Nigeria, Ghana etc. There are many used car dealers in such places who indulge in bulk transactions. They procure salvage automobiles at low costs and replace their damaged parts. Once these old vehicles are refurbished they look and perform quite well. They fetch a good price at local markets for such renewed cars and bikes.

If you are a dealer or a scrapper looking for cheap used cars, finding good auto insurance auction dealers can help you a lot. You can easily locate some of the top auto insurance firms in US through online resources. Once you get in touch with them they would regularly keep you posted about feasible salvage auctions and used car sales. Note that, although there are hundreds of auto auctioneers in US, finding a reliable dealer can take some time. And even if you get hold of a good dealer, there is no guarantee about the quality of the automobile or their insurance value. However, if you are buying cheap you can fetch a fairly good resale value.

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