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Assistance Offered By The Shipping Companies To Import Used Cars To Macedonia

Importing the used cars from the USA to Macedonia is just like skydiving, attempting to jump without the proper education and preparation. The owners who wish to import cars from different countries must have appropriate information about various means to import cars from the other countries. Listed below is some useful information about bringing personal cars from overseas.

The cars that are to be imported will be often driven or trucked across the border. The responsibility of the owner begins from this border till getting it to the designated place. If the cars are being shipped, then the complete shipping arrangements will be taken care of by the shipping management.

The shipping companies will provide the owners with the complete provisions such as receipt and cleaning of the vehicle, packing of the cars into the containers, preparations of the required bills such as lading and customs documents, payments such as ocean freight and port charges and haulage to the port of export.

The importing companies also provide other facilities such as arranging of carriages for the cars from shipping border of Macedonia till the location of the owner. Once the cars are put into the containers, the containers will be completely sealed from the outside and the seal will not be opened until the ship reaches its destiny.

The ocean freights and rates of the custom duty may vary from one shipping company to another. The import duty will be collected according to the distance between the initial and the final destination of shipping.

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