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Used car auction- guidelines to be followed

Although used car auction does have its benefits, there are a few guidelines which you must follow in order not to get duped. The prices at used car auction are so attractive that one can get carried away and end up purchasing a car which is actually not even worth the discounted price; or you may end up paying so much on repairs that a new car may seem a cheaper deal. A thorough check-up of the car, therefore is necessary and preferably by a professional mechanic before you buy the car.

A professional mechanic can figure out whether the ‘minor’ problem is actually just that and does not ultimately call for a total overhaul of the system. Apparently small damages can turn into large expensive damages and this is something which a trained mechanic can gauge better than a layperson. To guard yourself from being taken for a ride, it is better to get the car professionally examined before you commit yourself to the actual purchase.

The other guideline would be to ensure that you as a buyer secure the rightful title of the car to make the entire transaction legal. To complete the legal formalities it is necessary that the buyer gets the guarantee of the rightful title as well as the sales receipt copy and the registration number of the car as mere purchase does not give him the correct title of possession. So, simply guard against these pitfalls and a used car auction can get you your dream car.

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