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New car USA: All about exporting & shipping

When looking for a new car, it is best to make a thorough enquiry about the dealer from which you are making the purchase. This is especially significant if you are going for a car that is being auctioned off. Showrooms are also safe sources for a new car USA but it is the exporting & shipping business that can pinch your pocket and cause immense hassle. The legal regulations of USA’s custom department are very stringent and you are expected to readily produce before the officers any document related to the car’s purchase that they may ask for.

Apart from documents & papers, you will also need to provide some key information like the car’s VIN number and vouchers like sale receipt to convince the authorities that the transaction has taken place within the purview of the law. Exporting a new car USA will also come with the taxes levied by states. The tax levied depends on the value of the car. The more expensive your car is, higher tax burden you will have to bear. Then there are the custom duties that you will have to clear before getting your vehicle shipped.

Shipping of the car is done on ocean liners. You will need to arrange the matters with a car transporter for the purpose. The car shipping charges will be computed after considering the distance of the exporting &importing countries, the weight of the vehicle, the space it occupies on the ocean liner and other factors. You can, alternatively, buy and export a new car from the auction websites like

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