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Motorcycle export: Tips to export motorcycle from USA

It is not easy to export a motorcycle from a country like USA that boasts of a very high security measurement system working around strict rules and stringent custom laws. For your motorcycle export, you will be asked to fulfill a number of formalities which can be taxing to both mind and money if you are ignorant about the regulations.

Firstly, you must pay heed to the fact that you will be required to produce all sorts of documents related to the purchase/sale of the motorcycle. Hence, during the purchase, itself, you must ensure that the seller holds a proper trading license and the sale is taking place as per the laws of the country. Secondly, during the motorcycle export, you will be required to clear the custom duties. The duties and related taxes shall be computed after considering a number of factors including the value & age of the vehicle, its weight, etc.

More importantly, you should be ready with all the documents that the custom authorities are entitled to ask for. Before undertaking the actual export procedure, it will be prudent of you to read the guidelines provided by American Customs department. Along with the deed of ownership and certificate of registration, you shall also be required to furnish billing details of the purchase. Then there are security guidelines that you need to observe since the US government is very careful so that no undesirable item goes in or out of the country without careful scrutiny and approval.

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