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Export vehicle import car in between USA and other countries

If you are a car lover then surely you would like to buy some exotic or vintage cars from the auction sales in USA. Or you may also want to buy a salvage car or used car that can be acquired at pretty low prices. But if you reside in some other country then exporting the car from USA to your home land can be a demanding job. There are a number of legal constraints that serve as a barrier to export vehicle import car in between USA and other nations. These legal barriers may account for a lot of time loss and may even result in some extra expenditure. Besides, the long delay due to hassles can be quite annoying.

In order to export your car out of USA, you will have to submit all the relevant documents to the custom officers in order to convince them about things like:

  • You purchased the car from a seller who had the right to sell that car and transfer the ownership to you
  • The vehicle hasn’t been stolen
  • The transaction has taken place with full compliance to all the state laws

This implies a lot of paperwork on your part. You will be asked proofs of sale (in the form of sale receipts) and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Even after all doubts are put to rest, you shall be required to pay custom duties and other state taxes, if applicable. You can take the assistance of ‘Auction Export’ for export & shipping-related matters.

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