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The internet has revolutionized the way people shop; it has evolved even from those days when only the basics (like groceries, clothes, accessories etc) were ordered online and has come to a point where nothing is too big or small to be bought online and this includes cars. It stands to reason then that the number of people wanting to buy car online is increasing day by day. To buy car online is easier than in a regular establishment not only because the paper work is cut down but also because the prices are better. Online portals have negligible or much lower overheads which enable them to keep the prices competitive. Physical establishments on the other hand have to contend with very high overheads like the space, inventory, staff etc and hence are not able to offer as competitive prices as online portals. To buy car online also gives you a wider variety to choose from as the inventory of online sites is much higher and you can select from an exhaustive range of models. Also, the physical exertion of hopping from one dealer to the other, maybe at the other end of the town, can get downright tiring and not to say, tiresome! To buy car online, all you have to do is click the mouse, fill in the details, make the online payments and the transaction is complete. No tiring excursions, no tedious paperwork and if you buy car online, it also comes at a lesser price- what more can you want?!

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