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To all our valued customers


Grimaldi lines has cancelled a third vessel from the port of bayonne. We were hoping that this vessel would carry most cars lying in the port but it did not take any vehicles.


So Far the following vessels have been cancelled:


Grande Guinea GGU0812

Suzuka Express SUE1012

Grande Marocco GMA0812 (did not carry any vehicles)

We are hoping that the next vessel Grande Gabon GGA0812 schedule to sail on the 30th will take cargo. But we can't say if they will or not yet.


thank you


Suzuka Express SUE1012 cancelled from Bayonne

Dear valued customers:


This is to inform you that the schedulled vessel Suzuka Express SUE1012 which was supposed to get cargo on november 9th got cancelled from Bayonne. This is the second vesel that gets cancelled after the Bayonne port was closed.

Next schedule vesel from New Jersey is the Grande Marocco GMA0812 schedule to sail on the 16th of this month. Meanwhile we are

still trying to find out why ACL did not notify us regarding the cancellation of the SUE1012. thank you


Bayonne port to OPEN!!!

To all our valued customers:


This is to inform you that Bayonne Auto terminal will re-open tomorrow Thrusday 8th, to resume its normal activities

Thank you for  your patience and we will keep you updated.





Bayonne port still closed ! ! ! ! ! !

Dear customers:


To all our very valued customers. We truly understand the frustation you are all going through regarding delays of shipping your vehicles. If there is something we could do, it would have been done long time ago. Unfortunately, the biggest port from which we take the majority of cars from in case of rejection ( Bayonne ) remains closed until further notice. This applies for all RORO and CONTAINER.

Communication with them has been very difficult and although we call every hour to get you the most updated information, cars can't sail until they open. If you have further questions regarding  your vehicle, please contact our shipping department at shipping@auctionexport.com


Thank you for your understanding and patience.



Vessels Cancelled and Port closure

Dear customers:


Due to Hurricane Sandy and the conditions at Bayonne Auto Terminal, the port call has been cancelled for H. Singapore 7 going to Ghana and Grande Guinea 0812 going to Nigeria. The next vessel(the susuka express) got rolled and now is sailing on the 9th of november, followed by the Grande Marocco sailing on the 16th. Please keep in mind that this will generate heavy delays for all cars sailing from Bayonne being for container and RORO. So if your car was schedule to sail today Friday, most likely it will sail next Friday 9th. We will know which vehicles got loaded by Monday or Tuesday November 12 and/or 13th. So please expect some delays and if you have any question please contact shipping@auctionexport.com we will be more than happy to help.

Also keep in mind that for november we got some ports closed the following days due to holidays.



November 6th, Election Day

Bayonne        CLOSED

Baltimore      CLOSED

Savannah      CLOSED

Jacksonville   CLOSED


November 12th, Veterans Day

Bayonne        CLOSED

Baltimore      CLOSED


Jacksonville      OPEN


November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day

Bayonne        CLOSED

Baltimore      CLOSED


Jacksonville   CLOSED

November 23rd, Thanksgiving Friday

Bayonne           OPEN

Baltimore        OPEN


Jacksonville      CLOSED



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