Used TOYOTA RAV4 Cars for Sale Nigeria | Export Car from USA to Nigeria

Used TOYOTA RAV4 Cars for Sale Nigeria | Export TOYOTA RAV4 Car from USA to Nigeria

TOYOTA  RAV4 Cars for Sale. Find TOYOTA  RAV4 Cars for sale  

The Toyota RAV4, a compact sports utility vehicle, launched by Toyota in 1994 for the first time, continues to engross the users who are willing to have all the benefits that the SUVs come with. Featuring enhanced cargo, pocket-saving fuel economy and four-wheel drive, the Toyota RAV4 is an acronym for ‘Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel Drive’. Available in three body styles i.e. 3-door wagon, 5-door wagon, and 3-door convertible, this model comes with the option of front-engine layout as well as front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive layout. In the year 2015, this model received a facelift that included incorporation of features like Led front, rear lamps, TFT multi-information display as well as modernized speedometer. RAV4 Adventure and RAV4 Premium, two different makes of the Toyota RAV4, were launched in the Geneva Motor Show, 2013.

Compared to the BMW X5 that comes with the BMW’s inline 6-cylinder 3.0 liter engine, the Toyota RAV4 works in compliance with the 2.5-liter Dual VVT-i inline-four engine that is adept at facilitating the user with six-speed automatic transmission. Offering a sprinkling performance with style and design, the Toyota RAV4 ensures optimum satisfaction with the five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to experience enhanced functionally with design, the has been renowned for its efficiency to deliver cars in a prompt manner. Offering used Toyota RAV4 for sale in Nigeria, the company has been automobile auction business for years. Making it easier for one to buy cars in a diverse range of ways i.e. bidding, live on the phone bidding, online real time auction, purchasing with the help of sales agent, the has become the first choice for those who are willing to export Toyota RAV4 from USA to Nigeria. Ensuring secured financial transaction, they are known for making ways for North American cars to the global market.

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