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Cadillac Hearse is a funeral coach that is used to carry the coffin from the church to the cemetery. Hearses were originally horse drawn but over the years motorized carts gave way to horses. During the 1920s motorized hearse vehicles started gaining popularity. Cadillac modified its commercial chassis, which is a longer and stronger version of the Fleetwood, and named it the Cadillac Hearse. Designed for the specific purpose, the Cadillac Hearse had a lower rear deck height for ease of loading and unloading and longer wheelbase to give more space in the rear deck and cargo.

The Cadillac commercial chassis was shipped to coach builders for final assembly. Today most of the Cadillac Hearse vehicles are made from converted sedans that have a stretched wheelbase. Cadillac Hearse vehicles in US are fitted with purple and orange light bars as well as flashing lights of emergency vehicles to increase visibility of the vehicle. If your business required you to own a Cadillac Hearse and are keen to buy a used done, then look up for used Cadillac Hearse for sale. being an online auto auction company that deals in used cars has a whole list of different types of used cars from USA for sale. From time to time we do have used Cadillac Hearse for sale and you can participate in the online car auction of the vehicle or buy it at a fixed price. We also help source a particular vehicle for our buyers it is not there for sale on the site. So if you are not able to spot a particular vehicle that you want then simply put in a request. We will search through all the different sources of used cars and find the vehicle that you want.

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