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About Ford Escape

Since 2000, Ford has been selling a compact crossover vehicle, Escape. The model is developed in cooperation with Mazda of Japan and is based on the Ford CD2 platform. Unlike the prevalent pickup truck based body, the Escape had a car-like body with independent suspension and rack and pinion steering. The vehicle came with the option of all wheel drive including a locking centre differential.

The second generation of the car was launched in 2006 at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. To remain in competition with other SUVs of the period, the Escape was redesigned but most of the internal design including the CD2 platform remained the same. The vehicle was redesigned with a new grille, large headlamps and fascia - all inspired by Ford Edge, Explorer and Expedition. The model is currently in its third generation. The fourth generation will be out by 2017 and will have new features including many driver-assist features.

Advantages of buying a used Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a relatively new car. With the company planning to launch the fourth generation in the next two years, the price of the older models will come down drastically and it will make a lot of sense to buy them. This is a good opportunity for those on a budget. They will get the best of the cars at a pocket friendly price.

Where to buy a used Ford Escape?

People living in Nigeria can now buy a used Ford Escape from the USA through the North American website, Auction Export. The process both legal and safe. There is a large collection of cars on the site so you can choose one that matches your requirements and have it shipped to you in Nigeria. Before you begin, register yourself on the site and create an account. This enables you to browse though the cars and bid for them. A final bid leads you to the safe payment gateway Make the payment and let Auction Export take care of all else. The car will reach you at the pre-decided port in time.

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