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Electric Car Carrier

Electric Car Carrier

Iceland Technology company designed a new ferry, that can fully operate in electric mode. Except 550 passengers it can carry 75 cars on its 70 meters board. However it was not created for long distance trip so far, but it gives a hope-giving start for cargo ships, that use solely electricity. 

Aside from the large battery pack, for emergency situations the ferry is equipped with a diesel-electric generator set, as the weather on that routing is known for its harshness. 
The new ferry will significantly reduce ships' polluting impact and improve cargo connection between Iceland and mainland 


Keep tabs on the new arrivals !

Log-in > Profile > Services

As a registered member on the website, you can subscribe your Profile to regular email notifications with the type of car you're looking for. Simply login to your Profile, go to the section Services and click ADD VEHICLE. In the same section, you can even choose how often you'd like to receive the updates.

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Or, you can save your search results.

Log-in > Search > Save This Search

Another way to keep tabs on the freshly added cars is to save your search results when browsing through the inventory. To use the option, please stay logged in. When you have chosen all the necessary parameters in the search bar, click the button SAVE THIS SEARCH. 
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Maersk Virtual Assistant

In 2019, Danish shipping giant Maersk will introduce a virtual assistant named Captain Peter in order to enhance its Remote Container Management platform. In the first half of 2019, Maersk will release the new platform with an upgraded design and new product features which will be enhanced by the virtual assistant.
As explained, the avatar will assist customers along the journey of their cargo.

In the beginning, Captain Peter will follow some simple rules, sending up-to-date information via customers’ preferred channel, for example via SMS or e-mail, on container temperature and atmosphere conditions, as well as a timeline on its end-to-end journey. Should any deviations be observed, or the shipment delayed, Captain Peter will notify the customer. Once the container has arrived at its destination, Captain Peter will also check on its state and send an update to the client. In time, clients will receive information configured to their specific needs.

Launched in 2017, the RCM provides transparency on information from 270,000 Maersk containers. Today, over 2,300 clients have signed up for the RCM solution, translating to more than 70% of Maersk’s volume.


Video Tutorials

Dear clients,

Check our video guidance to get a detailed explanation on how AuctionExport Company works and what kind of services you can get. We made our tutorials as detailed as possible to show you all features that you can access from your client profile on a computer from the comfort of your desktop.


LNG Era for Big Boxships

LNG Era for Big Boxships

Every shipping company strives to green operation nowadays. The more and more new vessels come to LNG fuel to reduce pollution as much as possible. German giant Happag-Lloyd was the first to announce the retrofitting of its 15,00 TEU containership to LNG operating vessel. As per contract signed between Hapag-Lloyd and Hudong HONDHOA Shipbuilding the conversion will be done at Shanghai-based shipyard and it's going to be the first experience with such a big ship. However, the fuel system is not going to be changed totally, it's going to become a dual fuel engine that is able to use low-sulphur fuel oil as well.


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