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New Summer Promo

Don’t miss to take advantage of our new summer promo.

Buy 2 cars - get $50 OFF AuctionExport Fee on the 2nd car from Jun 1st-Jun 30th 2022. 

Time you have: whole month

Make sure that you have a positive account balance to start purchasing.

The minimum deposit amount is $600 or 10% from the "BID/BUY NOW" amount:

Follow the link to start choosing a car:

*Valid on your second car purchase on the condition that you buy 2 cars within Jun 1st - Jun 30th, 2022. This promotion can not be combined with any other discounts and/or promotions. Certain conditions apply.

📞Contact us for assistance: [email protected] 1-416-900-33-03


Don't miss out on a good deal with our Repossesed Inventory

REPO is short for the repossessed inventory, meaning vehicles listed for resale.
Buying one of the repossessed vehicles, you will pay only two mandatory fees ( AuctionExport fee and Paperwork fee).

Please view the list -



Why is it safe to buy with AuctionExport?

Making a purchase of a vehicle with AuctionExport is safe. We have put a lot of effort to assure our customers that AuctionExport is a reliable Canadian company with a recognized name in over 100 countries, we are proud to be trusted and can share our achievements with you! Please check the “About us” page and our credentials:

You can also check reviews and video testimonials from our clients who have already bought several cars with us:

📞Contact us for assistance: [email protected] 1-416-900-33-03


Membership Levels

If you make at least 3 qualifying purchases during a calendar year, you become Silver Member of Auctionexport which brings you a 10% discount on our services (auto inspection, financing, ocean insurance and more).

Every year on December 31st, we check your Membership Level and qualifying purchases you've made during the previous 12 months. To keep your membership level, you need to have a required number of qualifying purchases.


Friday is a Great Day to Save 50$!

Dear clients, for every Buy Now purchase on Friday you can save $50.

Click on Buy Now and Buy your dream car right now:

In order to use our buying options "BUY NOW" and "BID", you have to be a registered member on our website (please start with free online registration and place a deposit on your account with AuctionExport.

If you have any questions or need assistance in car searching, please email us via [email protected]

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