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HURRACAINE SEASON ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

To all of our members:


Please keep in mind its hurracaine season around the United States. This means that there could be possible delays being for ground or ocean transportation due to this natural cause. You can always check online the current hurracaine tracker to see which areas are being affected. Currently there are two active, Hurracaine Isaac which has affected LA and is moving north and hurracaine Kirk which is currently in the ocean moving north. This could affect vessels sailing from NJ moving east.


Thank you!!!


Introducin​g Swiss Line- US West Coast to Middle East

AuctionExport welcomes Swiss Line

You can now buy cars from the west coast of the US and save money! The available destinations include Hueneme, Jeddah, Beirut, Jebel Ali and Damman. Save on your ground transportation cost and enjoy the flexibility of shipping from wherever you prefer.

Please contact us for details,
Thank you.



Grimaldi lines coming back to speed! Customs clearance is finally becoming a little bit faster, reducing the clearing process from 3-4 weeks to 2-3 weeks.

Our Nigerian clients prefer the use of Grimaldi due to its unrivalled safety and easy receipt of their vehicle in Lagos where Grimaldi has its own terminal.

Therefore more cars will be sailing sooner.


Shippment by contaners!!!

Please read the conditions to consolidate your vehicle to Nigeria. For client's safety it is MANDATORY to use our agent in Nigeria when it comes to clearing the cars which arrive by consolidated containers.

Keep in mind that OBLs(bill of ladings) are only available after the car is loaded not before. And are sent to you at least 5 days before the car arrives to its destination.

Car sent by consolidation do not have an actual OBL, only the titles are sent out to the agent. This applies for Ghana and Nigeria.


GOLIVE is now active!

We are proud to introduce the one of a kind real time live auction bidding system on AuctionExport.

Now, you can participate in the live auctions right form our website, you are now able to place LIVE REAL TIME bids on the vehicles from your computer, hassle free!

To try it out, please click on the "LIVE AUCTION real time bidding" on our main page. Good luck!

Follow the link for more details:

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