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Classic Cars That Worth to be Seen

Dear Clients,

We created a list of Classic Cars for you, they are worth to be seen! Now you can browse the list - Click



Shipping options for car buyers !

Dear customers,

Please note that we have several options to deliver your car!
We are able to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to the exit port/warehouse.
Also, we have affordable shipping options such as roro and container consolidation.
If you would like to purchase several cars from us and have them shipped at the same time - we are able to store the vehicle in one of our warehouses for up to 3 months free of charge. This will give you more time to gather your other purchases.

We can also ship car parts along with your car!
Please let us know if you have any questions, we will be more than glad to assist you with your shipping!
Ask us : , +1 416.900.3303 ext: 3


Get to know more about AuctionExport shipping service.

Auction Export is always glad to offer you competitive cargo delivery with direct, transshipment and sea/air options. We understand that air delivery may not be the most preferred method of transportation when costs are the powerful factor, but with our long-term shipping knowledge we are able to provide you with the most complete information and delivery process in a professional manner.

The process is simple - we arrange collection of your vehicle at origin, prepare all export documentation and deliver your cargo in secure and on time.
For more details please refer to our Transportation Department:; +1 416 900 3303 ext: 3.
We wish you all to have a great day!


The US Federal Maritime Commission meeting.

The US Federal Maritime Commission will hold a closed meeting in Washington on April 13. High on the agenda will be the chronic congestion at US ports, allegedly caused by major carrier alliances.

Based on eyewitness statements as well as press reports, there is rising concern that the recently established mega-alliances (G6, CKYHE, Oceans 3, and 2M)  have been the cause of severe shipping delays. There is a significant increase in the time it takes for a container to be released from the port complex after the vessel has docked. This can be traced back to the additional time it takes to move the container between terminals, each of which is operated by a different member of the alliance.

Commissioner Michael Khouri called for alliances to report to the Commission which measures each of them is taking in order to decrease congestion at U.S. ports.


Best Shipping rates this April!

Hello Dear Nigerian customers!

Be advised that we have roro shipment to your destination!
Roro shipment price is currently of $1075 only!
If shipment to Lagos port by roro is too expensive we can offer you roro shipment to Benin, Cotonou with rate of $950.
Also if you would like to ship several cars at once - we can offer you container consolidation to both destinations!

Please contact us for details :

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