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Power Outage ---

Dear customers:

This is to inform you that power outages remain in some areas making it hard to communicate and get information about your vehicles.

On the other hand, Bayonne port has sent a notice informing us that they will not open until further notice and that if things are fixed on time they will try to open on Monday November 5th.

Thank you!



Bayonne without electricity

Dear Customers:


This is to inform that unfortunately until now Bayonne Port remains closed due to no electricity in the area and because it was the port more affected after hurricane Sandy. Authorities have informed that most likely it will re open on Monday.

To our customers in Nigeria: We had two vessels schedule to sail on November 2nd and another one on November 4th. Due to his inconvenience both vessels may either be delayed or cancelled. Grimaldi lines has not updated yet what is going to happen with all cars scheduled to sail on those two vessels. We know by the heavy amount of emails we are getting that you are all concerned about the current status of your vehicles at this time, but until we can hear again from the port authorities for vessel updates we won't be able to update status for vehicles since giving misleading information in such scenario is not the right thing to do.

Thank you



Dear customers,


The Baltimore port will open tomorrow wednesday 31st of october, but in the meantime the bayonne port will remain closed due to heavy damage caused for the hurricane. They will keep us updated depending on how fast they can resume operations. For now they remain without power making communication and operations difficult. We will provide more information tomorrow morning when we open. Once we know if things got better and if bayonne, which is where we take most vehicles, is taking cars again.

thank you








Dear Customers,

At this time we inform you that hurricane Sandy is almost over and it is continuing its parth towards the end. The areas affected will resume operations starting tomorrow depending on how things are but we will keep you updated. Please keep in mind that due to this we will still experience some delays in shipping due to possible congestion at ports when they resume operations. At this time we ask for a little bit more patience until we can go back to updating all statuses and resume regular activity.

Thank you AuctionExport Team,




Hello To all our valued customers. Please at this time we inform you that ports and warehouses will be closed until hurricane Sandy finishes its route. This may cause some delays with vessels scheduled to sail soon and loading of containers. We will update you once everything goes back to regular activity. Thank you


AuctionExport Team,

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