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Used cars in USA for export: How to ship them to Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country interested in cars. Since most people in the country prefer to buy used cars, they find the automobile market of USA a great source for fulfilling their desires. After all, USA enjoys the top ranked status in manufacturing and selling cars (both new & old). And with the growth of technology and availability on internet, it has become very convenient to buy or sell vehicles online.

If you have invested in used cars in USA for export to Nigeria, then you will have to be careful with how you proceed. There are strict legal norms that need to be perused. You cannot shrink away from them as that would be unlawful. The port authorities carry out certain formalities and ask for specific papers in order to verify your authentic claim to the vehicle. For instance, if you have stolen the car and are exporting it out of the country, then you won’t be able to produce the right documents. So, paper-filing and such formalities form the crux of exporting a car out of USA.

Thereafter, you will have to get the car shipped by placing it on an ocean liner. A car carrier is preferable since it is designed especially for this purpose. In order to stick to the legal procedures and to ship the vehicle safely, it is crucial to get in touch with the best shipper. Some dealers also stock used cars and sell them to you along with shipping.

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