Used Vehicles For Sale : 5 Important Point For Exporting Car From America – Auction Export

Used cars in USA for export: 5 easy steps of buying used cars in America

The people of Nigeria make for a huge market for used cars in America. The sellers, dealers & manufacturers of the automobile industry have revealed that a huge chunk of old cars are shipped to Nigeria which places a huge demand for such cars. If you are from Nigeria and looking for an old car at delectable prices, then here is what you can do:

Step 1: Take part in the ‘GoLive Realtime Bidding’ by registering yourself. Registration won’t take much time. All you need to do is to provide your email ID, phone number and some other vital information. All these will be stored with complete privacy.

Step 2: Once the authorities approve your registration request, you will be able to login to your account by using the username and password. They will be emailed to you at the ID you have mentioned in the registration form.

Step 3: The third step will be to head to the auction page and participate in the bidding process at ‘GoLive Realtime’. The display screen will instruct you as to your maximum limit of bidding, your bidding ID and the details of vehicle being auctioned.

Step 4: If your bid is the maximum, then you will be declared the winner of the auction and will be required to purchase the vehicle. The seller holds the right to make a counter-offer to you or to reject your bidding in case your max bid is below the reserve price.

Step 5: The final step will be to make payment for the amount of the car. Thereafter, ownership will be transferred to you and the vehicle shall be shipped at your nearest port.

These 5 steps give you the most economic solution for used cars in USA for export.

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