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Salvage cars: Pros and cons of buying a salvage car from an auction site

If you have spare money, then it can be a good idea to invest in a salvage car. Salvage cars carry high risk but they can also turn out to be a profitable deal. When a vehicle gets damaged and the insurance company considers it unfit for repair, then it is termed as ‘salvage’. It can be sold as salvage or junk or it can be dismantled. The companies figure out that it would be foolish to try repair the car since the cost involved would be higher than the value derived thereafter. However, the modern trend is to sell the spare parts to potential buyers. This can be a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. While the seller gets some money from the different parts of the vehicle, the buyer can use these parts for his other automobiles or may even try fixing the car, if he has a workshop or enjoys an expertise on these vehicles.


There are good auction websites that sell salvage cars at really attractive prices. These sites pick up these vehicles from an auction at a low price and then offer them for reselling to potential buyers at almost the same price, albeit after adding a nominal profit percent.

So, you can pick up these cars at very low prices from these auction sites. However, you must be prepared to shed some money on the repairs, since most of these vehicles will require massive repairing. If you are ready to pay for such expenses, then after repairing the salvage cars, you can resale them to another customer at a good price or use it for your own use.

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