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Motor car export: How to register in GoLive Realtime bidding to buy used cars in USA?

Those who are looking for used cars in USA can partake in the GoLive Realtime Bidding in order to get the best deals and get their vehicles shipped to Nigeria. The process of participation is quite easy and even a layman can understand the whole thing in just a few seconds.

Your first step will be to register. In order to register you will be required to fill in your correct information. The registration process is similar to that of opening an email account. So, it is not going to take more than 5 minutes. Once your registration gets approval from the concerned authorities, you can login with the help of your username and password (which you will be receiving through email). Make sure to provide your authentic information including the correct email ID and contact number. In case, the information provided by you is incorrect, then you will not be able to login for the motor car export bidding and your registration shall not get official approval.

In case you are worried about the confidentiality of your email or phone number, then you can shed your worries aside. The site does not sell your info to any marketer and full confidentiality is maintained with the aid of SSL secured server. Once you get approval for your registration, you can start bidding. Remember that a minimum amount of $1000 or 10% of the bidding amount will need to be deposited by you. You can place deposit of the amount depending on the value of US used cars for export. The dearer the car, the higher should be your deposit!

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