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Motor car export: Advantages and disadvantages of buying a car from a dealer

If you are trying to purchase a car from USA and get it shipped to your country, then you can avoid the usual hassles by taking help of a dealer. A professional and certified dealer will be genuine and he will help you with the motor car export in the safest manner possible. There are some advantages and disadvantages of buying a car from a dealer. Here is a quick look:


  • Safety: Buying a car from a dealer gives you the highest possible safety you could have asked for. Even if the vehicle gets stolen, you can take an action and, in all likelihood, can get back your money or get another car (since most dealers provide you with warranty).
  • Reliable car: The vehicle you are purchasing is likely to be reliable and of the exact condition as mentioned in the papers. This is very true for used cars where the buyer is always apprehensive lest he has been sold a less-worthy car. Dealers do not try to cheat clients and never make false promises, unless they are the fraudulent & fake ones.


  • Higher expenses: t times, your expenses may be slightly higher. But this varies from dealer to dealer. Some of them can be too stubborn and may refuse to budge from the quoted price. On the other hand, some can be haggled or negotiated. This again depends on the amount of competition and the state of the economy.

Overall, a dealer, despite some of his drawbacks, is a safe bet for motor car export.

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