How To Buy Salvage Cars In Good Conditions- Auction Export

How to bid for salvage cars and second hand vehicles?

When one is looking to own a car without spending a huge sum of money, then the best option is to look for second hand vehicles. These are very cheaply available and most of them are in reasonably good conditions. They can definitely give you your full value of money. ‘GoLive Realtime Bidding’ is one of the most recognized places to make bidding for second hand vehicles. The site keeps a huge inventory of auction cars which are auctioned off to prospective buyers one by one.

Since, the bidding process takes on live, the competition is very healthy and hence the base price is quite low. So, most people these days are registering themselves at this auction site for taking part in the bidding.

In order to become a participant of the next auction process, you will first have to register for ‘GoLive Realtime bidding’. Once you register successfully and are confirmed of the same, you can start partaking in the bidding after an initial monetary deposit of only $1000. This is the minimum deposit amount and you can exercise your right to increase your bidding chances by making a higher deposit (the deposited sum makes for 10% of the amount you can bid).

During the process of auction, you will find a blue box indicating you to place your bid. Subject to your maximum capacity (which can be seen therein), you can place a bid. Salvage cars have very low reserve prices. And even if your winning bid does not cross the reserve price, the seller may go ahead and approve of your offer. Once the deal has been finalized, you can clear the payment and then get the vehicle delivered to your port.

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