Export Car From USA : Find Free Biding Sites For Nigeria-Auction Export

Car export from USA: Which is the best bidding place for Nigerians?

Just in case you happen to be a Nigerian, then there is a great and enticing bidding program which allows you to get a car at the right price. Though, the process of bidding is open to all the people all around the year, it especially attracts Nigerians and other African residents because it cuts down the average shipping rate. ‘GoLive Realtime Bidding’ is that perfect bidding venue where it is easy to look for an exciting collection of American used cars for export.

You may come across a number of other bidding or auction sites. But they will impose stringent terms & conditions upon you and demand a higher deposit from the potential bidders. However, the much-hailed ‘GoLive Realtime Bidding’ has made it possible for every prospective car buyer to enroll for the bidding process by depositing merely 10% of the bid amount. You can start off by placing a minimum deposit of barely $1,000, which is not much given that you are about to buy a car. Therefore, you get time and opportunity to arrange for the rest of the money before the auto export process.

‘GoLive Realtime Bidding’ is a genuine venue for any Nigerian resident looking for cost-effective car export from USA. The process of participation is very easy, since you just have to make an online registration. Once you win a bid, you can make an online payment and expect delivery of the car within a few days. It is no wonder that the place is getting huge number of hits from various corners of Nigeria.

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