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Why you should buy certified used cars

A recent study by JD Power and Associates indicates that the sale of pre-used cars that are certified, have increased by 46 percent as against what it was in 2000. Certified cars that are available with local dealers offer warranties extended farther than the actual coverage. It is therefore a feasible alternative for car buyers with low budgets.

The warranty for the certified used cars is backed by the original car manufacturer. It is a must. The manufacturer provides the warranty only after thoroughly inspecting the car. That is why all pre-used cars don’t qualify for certifications. If the car can be repaired only by a worker trained by the manufacturer, it is certified, or else it is rejected. The new certified warranty begins after the original warranty expires and is provided on fixed years or miles.

At times, dealers give third party warranty, but market the cars as certified. The certification of such cars isn’t given by the manufacturer. Don’t get misled by such advertisements as warranties offered by the manufacturer is not supposed to be given at an extra fees. These are in other words extended ‘service contracts’, for which the buyer is charged extra fees.

These third party contractors often make the buyers pay the charges required to fix the car. This amount ranges from ‘$50 to $400’. Moreover, if any problem arises with the car, they are most of the time not around. This probability doesn’t exist in case of a warranty given by the original manufacturer. The inspection of the car, when done by the manufacturer is much more thorough.

Certified car buyers are also offered many benefits like loans at low rate, shuttle service, and maintenance free of cost. The overall services provided by the dealers of certified cars are much better, as they hope to sell you new car sometime in the future. So they attempt to develop a relationship with you.

Certified car users are also often entitled to other benefits like reimbursement towards costs like car rental, accommodation, and meals in case the car breaks down while traveling beyond city limits, but maximum 100 miles away from home.

The rewards of buying a certified car is any day much more than buying a car without proper certification. It is almost as good as a new car at a lesser cost, as the car is certified by the original manufacturer after a detailed inspection. Though certified cars are slightly more expensive than other pre-used cars, there are benefits galore. Since you are making a big investment, it is better to go for certified cars.

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