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Baltimore Strike closed

Please be advised  the Baltimore is back to its normal operations as usual.


Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Shipping department


Baltimore Terminal Strike

Dear Valued customers due to some industrial action the port of Baltimore will remain closed. Once we receive updates we will post it on our news.


Thank you


Shipping Department


Suzuka Express SUE1013 delayed

To All our valued customs please beware that the vessel SUE1013 is delayed and no longer arriving on the 19th

instead it is arriving on the 21 to Nigeria. All documents will be sent out tomorrow and are on time.

thank you


Columbus day

Dear clients,


please know that on Monday the Bayonne and baltimore port will be closed due to Columbus day. Some cars scheduled to be delivered to the exit port or warehouse may be delayed until Tuesday. Thanks for your patience.


Shipping Team.



GSL0713 and SUE1013

Dear customers please be aware that the status for vehicles that loaded on the GSL0713 and SUE1013 have been changed and a notification has been sent to your email. Original OBLS are sent at least 5 days prior to arrival. We do not keep them in our office, they are sent to us after the vehicles load. We have had an increased of emails asking about OBLS when vehicles have not loaded yet.

If you did not receive a notification of loaded status it means your vehicle has been rolled to the next vessel or it has not cleared customs yet. Also means that there is no update on the car until the next vessel sails.

Next vessel with Grimaldi would be sailing on October 18th GMA0813. We would have confirmation of loaded vehicles on the 21st.


Thank you

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