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How to export cars from USA: Some words of advice

USA does boast of cars of the most exotic types. While you can splurge to your heart’s desire on resplendent, new cars displayed on showrooms, you can also make economic purchase of old cars, used cars, salvage cars, auction cars, etc. For a common man, that’s the best way to enjoy the luxuries offered by a decent car at a very low price.

But purchasing such cars and then exporting them can be a taxing affair. There are several guidelines listed down by the American Customs department and unless and until you comply with all the regulations, you shall not be permitted to ship your vehicle outside the country. In order to export cars from USA, firstly, you must arrange (preferably in a file) all the documents, receipts and vouchers related to the car’s purchase. It’s best to make extra copies of each document since you will be required to produce them before the custom authorities to prove your honesty & genuineness.

Secondly, you must do a self-check and tidy-up the car before handing it over to the officials for the customary security checking. A dirty car or a car that may have some undesirable items loaded (viz. oil, explosives, inflammable material, etc) can cause unwanted delay.

Thirdly, after assuring the custom officials and clearing the duties, you will have to arrange matters with car shippers. You can curtail costs by asking for open trailer protection & by minimizing the car’s gross weight.

Word of advice: To escape all these hassles, you can ask ‘Auction Export’ to export cars from USA right at your doorstep.

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