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Your guide to export a car to Taiwan from the US

Exporting a car to Taiwan can be made easy by accessing the internet now. You can also buy cars at online auctions. With the help of internet, you can sit home and search the types of cars you want. But a major problem arises when you think about transferring your car to other countries like Taiwan.

The best way to transfer your car is by shipment. It’s cheaper than plane fares. The best part of the transfer being made by ships is that, you can also travel along with your car. You will not have to worry about you car reaching Taiwan before or after you. Therefore, transferring cars by shipment is always an excellent idea.

Regarding the customs duty of Taiwan, there are certain things which you must know. Customs duty will be collected by Customs either on a specific basis or ad valorem basis according to the Customs Import Tariff. The rate of the goods is classified into three categories. Certain countries have signed treaties with the Republic of China, which is why different countries have different rates on customs duty. The underdeveloped or developing countries have a free treaty signed with the Republics of China and in case the transfer is coming a place which is not under any treaty, the Ministry of Finance shall be concerned and the Executive Yuan shall be reported to for approval.

Apart from this, if any other article is being transferred then an extra rate is charged for it. All payments are calculated in the New Taiwan Dollar. In case you feel that it is too much of a hassle, just visit and they will take care of everything!

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