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Venezuela Import Cars – Rules Must Know Before Importing

Importing used cars from the USA to Venezuela is not a difficult task, in spite of the difference in import rules and regulations. To import cars in Venezuela, you should be aware of the procedures, which are to be followed for this particular task.

You’ll need to keep in mind that the make of the car must be similar to that of the importing year with less than 500 miles on its meter. You should also be the direct owner of the car and you car must be in compliance with EURO 3. You will have to request for the registration of your car with the Venezuela registrar, which is by presenting the purchase invoice.

All the documents are available with the registrar and most recent information is easily accessible via email in Venezuela. If the value of the car is less than US$ 20000, then there will be no property tax. However, if the car value is more than US$ 20000, then you will have to pay the customs and tariff as per SENIAT, which is a 47% tax combined with insurance and shipping cost.

The following are the requirements to import cars in Venezuela.

  • First, download the form from the website of the registrar and print four copies.
  • Make four copies of the passport.
  • Arrange for four photocopies of Identity Card.
  • Ready more than one year proof of residence in Spain.
  • And make three copies of car invoice.

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