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Whoever is looking for used cars USA is your perfect destination. All those in Nigeria who are looking for a car import to Nigeria from USA are just at the right place. There can be various reasons to select used cars over the new ones but undoubtedly the most important factor is affordability. A new car can be more than double the price of the used car. Infact latest research shows the widening gap between the price of a new and used car. As per the status in 2008 the minimum transaction price for a new car can be nothing less than $25, 536 while for a used car it is somewhere close to $8244.

For a dealer used cars are also beneficial because of the certification programs they own. Luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus started this idea of pre-owned certificates. Dealers usually look for late-models for used cars with low mileage and no major damage. This certification is provided only after a strict inspection of cosmetic and mechanical parts. The USA cars for sale usually possess this certification with warranty which is as good as a new car and provides full road assistance. Interestingly, the cars with this certification also manage to get special financing by manufacturers which are at a much lower rate as compared to the loans given for new cars.

Finally, the used cars avoid the depreciation menace. A new car loses 30% of its value, the moment it is on road but a used car has no such issues. Hence all those looking for auto import export should try out used cars before barging into new car business.

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