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Nissan Axxess

About Nissan Axxess

The Nissan Axxess began life as Prairie in Japan and Europe, Multi in Canada and Stanza Wagon in the US. The second generation car was named Axxess in North America. Many changes were made to the car and its name kept changing until in 2004 its production was stopped and it was replaced by Nissan Lafesta.

While in production, the Axxess was the second generation of the Prairie car. In the US the car came with motorized seatbelts while the Canadian one had regular manual ones. The suspension was changed from torsion beam to conventional coil system.

Why buy a used car?

Buying a used car is the only option if you have decided to get a model that is no longer in production. Apart from this, the fact that a pre-owned car is available at a much lesser price than its new counterpart, is reason enough for someone on a budget to choose it.

Where to buy used car from?

You will see many classified advertisements for pre-owned cars. However, you can never be sure about their authenticity. AuctionExport, a North America based website is a trusted name for those interested in buying a used car. The good news is that you can buy from this site from your home in Nigeria. AuctionExport offers a legal and safe way to buy a used Nissan Axxess from the USA.

The process begins with the prospective buyers registering on the site and browsing for the car. If something catches your fancy, it is either available through bidding or buying through full payment. Decide on how you wish to buy and make the payment for the car and its shipping. From here on AuctionExport will take care of the the remaining processes. They will ensure that used car shipping from USA does not create any extra problems for you. They take care of trucking, warehousing, custom clearance in Canada and the USA and other related processes so the car reaches you safely at the destination port. You just need to be there to drive it back home.


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