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Nissan Rogue

About Nissan Rogue

The mid size crossover SUV, Rogue was launched by Nissan in 2007. Powered by a 170hp 2.5 L four cylinder engine with variable transmission, the Rogue is the North American version of the Nissan X-Trail sold in Japan. Currently in the second generation of its production, the car comes with a standard front-wheel drive.

When the second generation of Rogue renamed Rogue Select was launched in 2014, the first was not stopped as a result its entry price is low. The features on this version include electric power steering, anti-lock braking system, vehicle damage control with traction control system, hill start assist and many more for a smooth ride.

Why buy a used car?

Buying a car is a tough decision especially when it is for the first time and when prospective buyer is on a budget. This is why a pre-owned car is a good bargain. You do not spend much on used car since depreciation is factored in it. Also you get a fair idea of the kind of vehicle you are comfortable to drive and one that meets your needs.

Where can you buy a used Nissan Rogue

Many people have got to understand the benefits of used cars and therefore the demand for them is high. This is not limited to one country either. For instance, you can buy a used Nissan Rogue from the USA from the comforts of your home in Nigeria. With more than ten years of experience, AuctionExport is a trusted name from North America and a safe way where you can find used Nissan Rogue for sale.

The process starts with the buyers creating an account on AuctionExport. This enables them to browse through entire list of available for sale cars. On the site there are many ways to buy a car. Once you have shortlisted the car, you need to see how you can pay for it. It might be direct buy or a buy after bidding. Once the payment is done, AuctionExport takes care of custom clearance, managing used car shipping from the USA, warehousing etc.

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