Cars Too Expensive on Auction Export? Of Course not

Cars Too Expensive on Auction Export? Of Course not

Price of cars completely Depending on car make and models, if you are looking for Toyota cars you can find Toyota cars at as low as $500 and as high as $100,300  

You can search car from over 80+ make and we have 250,000 cars for sale on

Here are some tips to find car at best price

Car Price – Year Old to New Price also depend on year of manufacture of cars car with year 2016 will cost more compare to car with year 2010, more older car cost less and new cars cost little more. You can filter year from Old to new and new to old and see the price difference

Car Price - Clean cars Vs. Salvage Car You can use search filter to filter price from Low to High or High to low. Clean cars cost little more than salvage car, clean car are car with good conditions where salvage cars sometime need to undergo repair work that's why they cost less to buy compare to clean car

Car Price – Less Mileage Vs. High Mileage Price of fairly use car with less than 50,000 Miles sometime cost more compare to car which drove more than 150,000 miles. You can filter cars as per Mileage low to high and high to low as well and see the car pricing.

Car Price and Locations

Current location of the car (in USA) have indirect relation with car price, you sometime have to pay more in ground shipping of car from its current location to nearest port so that's why look for car which are located to near port so that it will save your car shipping cost, you can get in touch with our sales department they will help you locate car to nearest post for which very minimum ground shipping cost applicable

Car Price and Repo cars

You will find 10 to 20 cars in our Repo cars section and all Repo cars for sale at discounted price. When you find word Repo in yellow on any of the car then consider that car as Repo car and you will save more on that car compare to cars without “Repo” words written. Please take a look at our Repo car here 

Our Sales department have expertise knowledge and experience to search car from 250,000+ car inventories, if you call our sales team they can help you in searching car within your budget.

We hope after reading this article you agree with us that not all cars on Auction Export are Expensive

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