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Nissan Quest

About Nissan Quest

in 1992, Nissan launched a minivan in the market named Quest. The vehicle is now in its fourth generation. The first two generations of Quest were manufactured in joint venture with Ford. The latest model of Quest is based on the Nissan Forum concept. Equipped with the 3.5L VQ series engine with 260hp. The minivan has a standard front wheel drive. The unique moon roof glass arrangement, DVD screen with aux input, airbags, folding seats in second row, dual climate control were some of the elements that were introduced in the third generation car and continued in the fourth one as well.

Advantages of buying a used car

A used car spells savings. This is because the basic price of the car has depreciation factored in it and it is available for much lesser price. Also it has lower insurance tag. For people who are on a financial crunch a used car is a good option but you need to be careful and make proper checks before buying.

Where to buy used car from?

With the growing demand for used cars, there are many businesses that are involved in buying and selling pre-owned cars. AuctionExport is one such website which has been in the field for more than ten years. They assist buyers in Nigeria to get a used Nissan Quest from the USA through a legal process. This is a trusted place to browse through used Nissan Quest for sale.

To start the buying process at AuctionExport, the buyer needs to create an account on the site. This enables you to browse through the cars for which can be either bid over phone or through live bidding or by buying at the mentioned price. After paying for the car and its delivery, your part of the work is done. AuctionExport takes care of aspects like used car shipping from the USA, custom clearance in the USA and Canada, ground transportation insurance, documentation etc. The car reaches you in Nigeria at the pre-decided port in time from where you just need to drive it back.

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